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Vent: A novel by Richard Blackburn

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Title: Vent - A novel

Author: Richard Blackburn

Publisher: Bopalacious

ISBN: 9780692192498

Format: Paperback 5" x 8"

Print Length: 383 pages

Description: From favored beginnings through dire poverty a unique entertainer’s lifetime spans the entire 20th century. While he constantly struggles to succeed, his uncensored global adventures are shaped by major historical events as well as by several colorful celebrities.

"Conceived in brilliance and executed with wanton glee, this book is a light in the cave." Nick Tosches - Novelist, Biographer, and Poet

"Unlike such acceptably droll subjects that have been examined to death (punk, thugs, noir, gender), ventriloquism has been mostly ignored. Now this book peels back the curtain on vaudeville, music halls and Grand Guignol, with side trips into the Spanish Civil War, the HUAC hearings, midcentury Palm Springs, the Cuban revolution and an exotic Peruvian chanteuse. VENT is the finest work to examine all these subjects together that this or any other century has produced." James Marshall - NYC Radio Personality

Richard Blackburn has written for various publications. He co-scripted the film Eating Raoul and directed and co-scripted the film Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural. A former ventriloquist himself, this is his second novel.

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