Record Condition Guide

Below are the grades we use only for the playing surface of a record. Any imperfections on a label, cover and/or sleeve will be noted in the description and seen in any images of the item. If you have questions about condition please contact us before purchasing an item.


Record Condition Guide: 

M- (Mint Minus) A near perfect record.
VG++ (Very Good Plus Plus) Has a few light marks keeping it from a M- grade.
VG+ (Very Good Plus) Some paper scuffs, possibly a non-audible scratch or two but nothing that affects play.
VG (Very Good) Used but not abused. Noticeable wear with the possibility of very light surface noise. Often less shiny then a VG+ copy and usually has noticeable scuffing.
VG- (Very Good Minus) Significant wear with noticeable overall surface noise due to groove wear and/or ticks from one or more scratches.
G+ (Good Plus) The best grade for a beat-up record.


Abbreviations & terms that may be used in conjunction with the above grading scale:

bb = small hole in cover
boot = bootleg (non-legitimate copy of a record sometimes with a different label)
coh = cut out hole
crack = crack in the dead wax or around a label
cvr = cover
dish = record that is dish-like due to a continuous raised edge
dj = disc jockey copy
EP = extended play
hairline = very fine edge crack
lbl = label
lbl stmp = stamp on label
nap = does not affect play
needle burn = damage to groove walls resulting in distortion and clipped highs
obc = on back cover
oc = on cover
ol = on label
os = on sleeve
orig = original
pc = picture cover (hard cover usually for 45 rpm EP’s)
pic slv = picture sleeve
pressure crack = a hairline crack on one side that has not gone through to the other
promo = promotional copy
repro = reproduction (a bootleg which reproduces the original label of a record)
ri = re-issue (legitimate repressing of a record on another label)
2nd press = second pressing (legitimate repressing of a record on the same label)
rw = ring wear
sawm = saw mark through hard cover
slt = slight
slv = sleeve
sml = small
sol = sticker or tape on label
soc = sticker or tape on cover
sos = sticker or tape on sleeve
ss = still sealed (almost always used for LP’s)
stkr = sticker
tol = tear on label
woc = writing on cover
wol = writing on label
wos = writing on sleeve
wrp = warp
xoc = X or similar mark on cover
xol = X or similar mark on label
xos = X or similar mark on sleeve
#oc = number on cover
#ol = number on label
#os = number on sleeve        


Factory defects to a record that can happen during production:

bubble = small bump in vinyl
dimple = small depression in vinyl
hiss = noisy pressing usually due to cheap vinyl
label off center
labels reversed = A-side label on B-side and vice-versa
same label = A (or B) side label on both sides
label separation = label separated during pressing
pressing off center = produces a slight to very noticeable distorted sound